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Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to optimize a website’s visibility. Keywords are strategically placed in the article in a natural way to boost higher ranking in search engines. Content is highly engaging, useful and entertaining at the same time. While most people claim to be good writers, not everyone can create content that attracts search engine content. Our team offers quality that will get you hits from the word go. Your reader’s interests are our main priority.

Why bother writing SEO content?

Articles that have keywords strategically and creatively placed are found easily by people searching for information. It is important to remember that if search engine traffic is all you have in mind then your website will suffer for it. Search engines understand your content better. If it is stuffed with the keyword and has ‘thin’ low-value content then you run the risk of being penalized by Google.

What does a good SEO article look like?

Plainly stating it, a good SEO article is has keywords seamlessy woven in to the contentl. Nothing is forced. There are no awkward phrases or inappropriate sentences. Keywords are not shoved down your throat at every given excuse. It does not have titles that mislead or are vague and mysterious.

Why hire professional content writers?

Professional SEO writers know how to appeal and captivate your audience while appealing to search engines. Their experience allows them to narrow down to your target audience without excluding the rest. This is why you should work with us. Have you been producing ‘thin’ content and crossing your fingers hoping it will work? Take it easy and let us handle placing your content at the top of the ranks. We at majorwrite are aiming to become one of the best article writing services for clients worldwide.


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