Press Releases


  • Newsworthy
  • Brief and precise
  • Detailed
  • Drafted in conversational style

A press release is a written or recorded piece of information passed to the media announcing something newsworthy. Public relation strategists know how vital these documents are. They draw the line between a PR nightmare and valuable PR for businesses, people and governments stating just a few. There are a few rules regarding writing press releases. It has to be detailed and has news value. If a journalist feels the content does not have news value, then your content will not get any coverage. Your goal when writing one should be to get results by getting media coverage and raising awareness to your target audience.

How to write a good press release

  • Attention grabbing headline. Your headline should be captivating to pique the journalists’ interest. The headline builds a foundation for the content in the release. Journalists receive many genres of writing and are too busy to read the entire content of your release if they do not find the heading interesting.
  • Go straight to the point in the first paragraph. Always assume the journalist will scan through the document. If the first paragraph does not address the important points then the press release will not get any coverage.
  • Include figures. Hard numbers that support your announcement show authority, research and expertise. They are the proof that back up your words and make the argument easier to believe.
  • Good grammar. Edit and proofread your work before sending it in. Simple grammatical errors can cause your work not to be published.
  • Include quotes. Quotes from top level management or people associated with the product or event give the release a human element. They also give information on their own. Journalists are always searching for a human angle to any story and this could be it.
  • Give your contact information. Including contact information allows reporters to get follow up information if need be. Always leave an email address and a phone number.
  • Be brief. The press release should be one page – two at most. This tactic encourages the writer to compress all the information in a readable document reducing occurrences of filler words and inappropriate sentences.

What should you focus on?

Some writers will write a press release as they would an SEO article. This is wrong and won’t get you that nod you want from editors. Your news should answer the following questions. Who? What? Why? Where? When? How? These questions and their answers are the focal points of any press release worth its salt. We help you answer these questions then put them down in an intriguing article that gets approval from any press release distribution service.

Should you hire professionals?

Due to practice and experience; our team of writers knows how to capture the essence of your story. They then distribute this throughout the article with every paragraph giving more information and explanation. Entrusting us with this duty will give you the results you crave from both the media and your readers. We use a journalistic approach when creating newsworthy content for you emphasizing on the points you hold in esteem and what you plan to promote. Come to us for professional press releases that will not let you down.


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