Proofreading and editing.

Is there something you always miss when you are crosschecking your articles? The truth is, both paid-for and free grammar-checking tools online cannot always be right. Sometimes you learn this the hard way, like having readers correct you under the comment boxes time and again. While writers are still stuck in the debate editing vs proofreading, we offer you both services and get the grammar police off your work.

In a bid to be clear, here is a brief explanation on both

  • Editing. Involves our editors making sound changes on your articles to increase content value and quality of writing. We aim to give the impression that you are a native English speaker from your writing. With us, your expressions will be clearer, errors and inconsistencies removed and your writing will have maximum impact.
  • Proofreading. This is more or less the last stage of editing. On its own, it is a cheaper service but it is recommended that both go hand in hand. It corrects surface errors such as punctuation and spelling. You can expect consistent language and formatting with us. We perfect already good writing and ensure a publication-ready document.

Is a professional really necessary?

Professional editors are trained to understand the conventions of English writing. Such professionals are what we offer our clients. They are methodical and offer prowess from experienced pairs of eyes. Having been in this content writing business for a while, our editors are able to catch easily overlooked mistakes and identify inconsistencies in terminology. Whether you want proofreading or editing or both done, we are the go-to people.

How soon would you like the team at majorwrite to proofread and edit your content?


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