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E-books are published books made available online in form of softcopies. It is worth noting that some e-books exist without a hardcopy equivalent. The trend of buying e-books is all the rage because they are cheaper, easier to access, offer a larger selection and offer increased comfort (you can buy a book from home while in your pajamas). The above stated could be some of the reasons why you’ve chosen to publish an e-book. There are two types of e-books; fiction and non-fiction. Fiction e-books create worlds, creatures, people and whatever else is in the author’s scope of imagination. Non-fiction e-books tackle one of the following and sometimes all of them

  • Solve a problem. These  are mostly ‘How to’ topics
  • Address a fear. Topics are on common fears that face the society. An example could be “what if there is a zombie apocalypse?”
  • Satisfy a curiosity. They cover topics that intrigue people such a celebrities’ lives or what it feels like to move to a different continent.

What a good e-book looks like.

Remember the last time you read an article online and really liked it. Probably, you couldn’t wait to be done; you had to share it with friends. Our team promises to offer a similar experience to your readers. The basic rules that apply to a published hardcopy book apply to electronic books. The format should be flawless, the content informative, the editing done well, the story or article interesting and the cover page attractive.

Why pick us?

  • Ideas. Come up with ideas and share them with us. We take your ideas and build them into an e-book that will have your rivals asking what your secret is.
  • Research. Most people venturing into the e-books writing career are in it as a side hustle for some side income. Let us save you the trouble of carrying out the research. As you focus on your main job, we will check and counter check everything required to make your e-book a success.
  • First draft. If you had already covered the first two steps, you might into a sudden halt in this stage. This can be very frustrating. If you do decide to entrust us with your precious first draft, we will have you a fully-fledged e-book in no time.

With majorwrite E-book writing services, whatever content you choose for you e-book will have more authority in your niche and is sure to earn you money. Fast track publishing your e-book with the help of our team.


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