There is a running debate over whether writing experience outweighs talent in writing…or vice versa. We will not delve into that. Our reason for poking into the debate is, at one time or the other, a writer realizes that even after writing for quite some time he or she is not getting better at it. After writing first drafts, they are unable to fix the entire manuscript. Rewriting can be a daunting task if you don’t know how to do it. What can be harsher is having people critique your writing and point out the same mistake every time. You need experienced writers that have mastered the art of rewriting.

Why you need to hire professionals.

There are two types of rewriting. Structural and sentence level rewriting. The problem with engaging the wrong person to rewrite is that they most often focus on one of either. This way, your work might lose either its value or the enthusiasm and uniqueness you had injected into it. A good rewriter should be able to rewrite your story or article without completely altering it unless that is your wish.

  • Sentence level rewriting. Mostly involves line editing (deleting and switching words in every line). Most beginners do this before they learn structural rewriting.
  • Structural level rewriting. At the very extreme, structural rewriting can change the genre of a story. This level involves altering the structure of your content and at times also changes the ideas. It is what most seasoned writers will recommend.

But there is one concern.

What if you don’t want to change the genre of your story? What if you still want the highlight of your article to be sports cars and not their engines (even if the engines are pretty awesome)? That is where we come in. we have a team that knows how to balance both levels while maintaining your originality and creativity. If your wish is to change the genre (would adding a dragon appeal to a larger audience?) or simply to finesse your work, we’ve got you covered. We are you, therefore, your story is our story.


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