Product Descriptions


  • Informative
  • Straight to the point
  • Persuasive
  • Accurate

Product descriptions should not only describe your products, but  should also sell them. But what is wrong with your current product description? Probably the words in it are not seductive enough. Even good writers sometimes write fail in this genre of content writing.

Why are our product descriptions different?

  • We focus on your ideal buyer.  A product description with no target audience ends up addressing no one at all. We ask and answer questions as if conversing with the buyer.
  • Benefits to consumers. We entice with benefits. Potential customers may want to know some features but they don’t want to be bored with too much of that information. They want to know how they gain by using the product.
  • Imagination. We use large clear pictures and viral-worthy videos to appeal to the reader’s imagination.

Additionally, we use captivating words while using mini-stories that make potential clients forget they are being sold to.


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