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  • Interesting
  • Persuasive
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A sales copy is basically written in such a way that by the end of the article, the reader wants to buy the product or service immediately. They are a call to action, usually the action being to buy a product or service. Writing irresistible sales copies is an important marketing skill. Some writers recommend using templates to create sales copies that get results but we don’t. Why would we advise you to gamble with something like that? Our team of writers understands the main objective of sales copies is overcoming your readers’ buying resistance.

What do we have to offer?

Our teams of result oriented writers follow the following steps to produce a sales copy that will have your customers saying “why I’m I just reading this, I should be buying it.”

  1. Getting the reader’s attention
  2. Identifying the problem
  3. Providing the solution
  4. Presenting credentials
  5. Showing benefits
  6. Giving social proof
  7. Making an offer
  8. Implying scarcity
  9. Giving a guarantee
  10. Call to action
  11. Giving a warning
  12. Closing with a reminder.

A sales copy is just as important as a professional looking website. While following the above steps we use persuasive words written for target customers. Our team uses powerful headlines that call for attention. We write intriguing content that creates curiosity then provide details about the product or service.

We understand that a sales copy need not be pushy and aggressive. We focus on making it easy to read and understand without filling it with more words than necessary. Our team narrows down on reader benefits while encouraging them to take action.

Writing a sales copy does not need to be hard – you just use us.


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